I have been bit lazy that its more than a week,since I posted a recipe hereDont tell anyone. I took pictures when I made this pickle in between the week, but waited for the pickle to get a good lookLoser.
               I love this neer nellikai very much,this is so easy to make,that's why this is the only pickle i make of my own at home…Winking. Very very flavorful one,am sure you all going to love it! This tastes best with curd rice,we can eat the gooseberry as such too,just give a wash in tap water and toss in to your mouth.
            I always been excited from my childhood,that after eating gooseberry,if we drink water,the water tastes way too sweet!!! Till now for that sake I never forget to drink water to enjoy that sweet tasteBig Grin.
            No need to say how healthy this gooseberry is,so don’t hesitate to pick up from the store when you come across some fresh gooseberry! I took a pack of 12 or some 15 from Mustafa when I went for monthly purchase,this gooseberries were lying for a week in my fridge,then when a moment came that after this,the goose berries will not be good anymore,I made this pickle!! 
       I love to mix this water,in which we pickle the gooseberries,than the berriesWinking.My mom-in-law makes thogaiyal too,with fresh gooseberries,which I should try in future and post here too!
With very few ingredients and simple method,you can enjoy this flavorful pickle!


Fresh big variety gooseberries
12-15 nos.
1/8 tsp each
2  & 1/2  – 3 cups
as needed
Gooseberry fresh
To grind to coarse powder:
Long variety red chilies
12-15 nos.(I added 12)
Roasted fenugreek seeds
1 tsp
To temper:
1 tsp
1/8 tsp
Sesame oil
1 tsp



  1. Fry the gooseberry in kadai with few drops of oil for 2 minutes in medium flame. This step is to make the soaking part faster,you can skip too!
  2. Transfer the gooseberries to the container in which you are going to keep the pickle and add enough water.
  3. Grind the chilies and roasted fenugreek seeds to coarse powder.

       rechillies,asafetida and fenugreek seed(fried)
    Coarse ground

  4. Mix in the powder,turmeric,salt,asafetida powder to the gooseberry in water .
  5. Temper the items given in the “to Temper” table and Mix well.
  6. Keep closed for 2-3 days to ensure even mingling of the spices.

    After three days

  7. After two days,the water will become so flavorful with all those spices mixed well (if you taste immediately after mixing,it will be bitter,don’t worry will be good after 2 days)and also will have the flavor of gooseberry!! Enjoy with a creamy curd rice!!
Cut gooseberry,after soaked for 3 days
Neer nellikkai
This pickle  stays good for at least  15 days  without refrigeration. Just  have to  handle it clean and stir everyday. Keep in airtight container. Use clean ladle.  Can keep in refrigerator for a month!

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