All the  following awards + good job,chocohalic and butterly awards have been passed to me by two of our dear bloggers - LG of Taste of Mysore and Dibs from Chithramma's Kitchen....Other than them I have mentioned the other awards and who awarded me!

Vijaya of Dailymeals have also passed me the good job Award!


By- Malar


By-MalarAnusriramAndhra flavours


By - Anu sriram From Chandrabahga


By-Jaishree from Ruchi

Hope I did mentioned everybody and everything correct!

                           Thankyou  so much to each and everyone who remembered me when passing the awards,I dont

know even I deserve these awards,but I am happy that I have got somany friends around here,who keep me in their mindSmile!!

I am not passing this in particular to anybody as all of you would have already got these awards... But I am dedicating these to all of my blogger friends!

And here's a snap of the   Spicy baby potatoes  I tried from Here...(?)or may be Here(?) Winking smileThank you both for this wonderful recipe,Nags and Bharathy!


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