Avocado Ice Cream

I love avocados much especially love avocados in icecream, i prepared this ice cream with avocado flesh and coconut cream along with fresh cream since a long back and this post was sitting in my draft since a long, avocados with coconut cream and fresh cream turned out this ice cream super delicious, smooth and fabulously yummy, i tried making this fusion icecream without ice cream maker by adding the coconut cream and  fresh cream together and this icecream tastes heavenly, the avocado flesh give a beautiful, lovely and appetizing colour and with the nice aroma of coconut turned them more delicious and irresistible, definitely a beautiful and delicious icecream to enjoy when its hot ..Sending to Akila's Dish Name Starts With A..

Avocado Ice cream

2nos Avocados (peeled and pitted)
1/2cup Sugar
1/2cup Coconut cream (storebought)
1/2cup Fresh cream
1/2cup Milk

Puree the milk, coconut cream, fresh cream, sugar and avocados in a blender until smooth..Pour this pureed avocado in a stainless steel box and freeze them for 3hours, then beat the frozen ice cream with a fork  twice and freeze again for overnite ..next day allow icecream to soften in fridge for few minutes before serving..


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