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If you would like to send me free kitchen, cooking and/or food related products to review here on my blog, please contact me via email at Ravish30(at)aol(dot)com and I will consider reviewing a product for you.

I will also accept giveaway sponsors here on my blog as long as the sponsor is in the USA/Canada. Please email me to discuss sponsoring a giveaway.

I will only do this for USA or Canadian Sponsors. I will NOT accept any money or compensation for reviews. My reviews of your products will be completely unbiased and my opinion will not be swayed by the sponsor. You will receive a copy of my review before it is posted on my blog. If you disagree with my review, I still reserve the right to post it if I should choose to do so.

According to the new USA Tax Laws Regarding Product Reviews, you will need to donate/give me the product for free with no monetary compensation involved.

You can read my Terms Of Service Guidelines ---> HERE

Contact Me: You can email me at Ravish30 at aol dot com if you would like to request a product review. Please label the subject line of your email Product Review Request.


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