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We are friends who studied together in college. On Collaborative Curry we share our cooking experiences and recipes to help and inspire each other to get through our daily cooking ordeals. We hope our blog inspires everyone one who stops to take a peek.  

A little about us : 

Residing: in US
Home maker.

Living with my husband, darling daughter and and my naughty son. I love traveling, photography, cooking and reading. As of now I spend most of my time with my son , who is only 14months and is very curious about anything.We live in Colorado, US now. Looking forward to share my cooking experiments with you :-)

Nostalgia (Sunitha):
Residing in US
Home maker.

  I Live with my husband and am a home maker.  I am an avid reader.  I dabble with some sketching, painting and craft.  Crochet and card making topping the crafting list.  Of recent, I started taking an interest in writing and I decided blogging to be the best medium.  It give me an audience and that kept me motivated. You can read about my craft and other ramblings at pensive adagio

   This blog started when I realized cooking was taking up a lot of time.  Oh yes, I have been cooking since I was a teenager and it runs in the family.  My brother is in the Food Industry!  I decided it was time to kill two birds with one stone.  Now I can cook as much as I want and not feel like I am wasting time because I will write about it as well.  The icing on the cake is I discovered how satisfying photography can be.  My love for art and color is being met in photography. This is the perfect answer to satisfy all my different interests.  Last but not least being a peoples person this blog has opened doors to meet a lot of interesting people.  I have to say this all of you our readers keeps us going and is our motivation.  

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