Rava Ladoo/Rava urundai

I made these last week for my loveable in-laws,these ladoos are everyone’s favourite here Smile

Thinking that I am trying something different to picture these rava ladoos,I made them look so unusual Sad smile…Bear with it!!


Rava/sooji/semolina 1 cup
Sugar 1 cup
Ghee 1/4 cup
Milk(optional) 1 tblsp
Elachi/cardamom 1 no.
Cashew nuts 8 nos.



  1. Heat a pan and add the rava,reduce flame and roast the rava until a nice aroma comes,make sure to not burn the rava and raost evenly. To ensure this,keep stiring continuously.
  2. Roasted
  3. Cool down and grind it into a very fine powder using mixer. (If you are making in bulk,you can grind in mill).
  4. powdered
  5. Powder the sugar into a very fine powder as well,along with elachi.Tranfer the powdered rava and sugar to a large bowl.
  6. sugar powder
  7. Fry broken cashews in a tblsp of ghee. Slightly heat the ghee and add these to the rava and sugar mixture.
  8. added cashews
  9. Sprinkle the milk and mix thoroughly.
  10. mixed
  11. Make small balls out of this mixture immediately,roll it tight,if you could not roll and the mixture is too dry,sprinkle more milk or add more warm ghee to it and make balls again.
  12. Ladoos are ready to enjoy.

Rava Ladoo/Rava urundai


  • Sprinkling milk will make the shelf life reduce.(its optional to sprinkle milk)
  • We add milk as binding agent,so if you want to avoid milk,add more ghee.
  • Make sure to powder the rava very very fine,if its coarse,it will not hold the shape for long and easily get broken.
  • Add warm,heated ghee and make ball immediately as this will give you mighty ladoosWinking smile,wont break easily.
  • Adding more ghe makes the ladoo look dull in colour.


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