I mean two of my kitchen treasures,to display for the event "Kitchen Treasure Hunt". I know I am sending it in the last moment,still happy to send my Dibs of Chitramma's Kitchen.

                   By now,many of our friends have posted their treasures,in which mine also were there I have displayed only two of mine....

spice box:

                  Almost every south Indian,will have this one in their  kitchen...So I too have and its bought by my mom and very close to my heart!

                  This one in Tamil we call it as " Aindhu Arai Petti"  means box with five rooms,though mine have seven and almost now a days,there are  7 rooms box only....May be long time back when they named it might have  had originally only 5smile_nerd.

              This authentic box is made of stainless steel,with individually engraved spice canisters...Each canister has its own small spoon too!

             With this box,every women(Ok,men cook too) can organize her/his own favorite spices,they use in their day to day cooking! So seven of your favorite spice can be easily accessed whenever you need right?smile_shades

               Mine,being a south Indian(Tamizhachi), I will always have Mustard,Urad dal,channa dal,thuvar dal,turmeric,jeera and fenugreek seeds(vendhayam) in my boxes... Heres the display snap for you all!

Masala dabbha 

Bear with my bad focusingsmile_wink

idly steaming pot:

            Mine is a bit smaller one my mother in law gifted me,is made of aluminium,and cloth has to be used in the plates to steam cook idlies... It gets cooked so quickly,as its small and made of aluminium and we enjoy soft idlies...thanks to my Mother in lawsmile_regular.

Idly pot

See you all soon with recipes!

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