Kalkandu pongal

        One of my hubby’s favorite sweet,I make this now and then,so thought of posting here !


Raw rice 1/2  cup
Paasi paruppu/payatham paruppu/Moong dal 1 tblsp
Sugar and rock sugar/sugar candy(kalkandu) 3/4  cup(together in equal ratio)
Ghee 5-6 tblsp or as per ur wish
Milk 1/4 cup
Elachi 1,powdered
Dried raisins ( I dint add) 1 tblsp
Cashew nut 5-8 nos.
salt A generous pinch

Kalkandu pongal


  1. Powder the kalkandu and sugar and keep aside.
  2. Kalkandu and sugar powdered
  3. Fry paasi paruppu with a drizzle of ghee till nice aroma comes,in a pressure cooker directly.(You can skip this step as well)
  4. Wash rice and add it along with water,use 1:4 ratio(so I added 2 cups here).
  5. Pressure cook for 4 whistles and after done,mash it by adding milk.
  6. fry dal cooked rice and dal
  7. Keep again the cooker, over heat and add the powdered kalkandu&sugar.
  8. Add powdered sugar and kalkandu keep stirring in medim low heat
  9. Keep stirring adding ghee in between,for 5-8 minutes in medium low heat.
  10.  Done!
  11. Add elachi lastly and fry the cashews and raisins in ghee and mix in to the pongal and serve hot!


Kalkandu pongal

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