This is also one of the thing I learnt from my SIL here in Singapore. This is the first snack I learnt to make of my own,that too a different cuisine,when I came newly to Singapore. I proudly make this when our relatives visit us…Whistling Very simple to make starter and can make pre preparations and  do in a jiffy after the guest comes. All you need is patience and free time!!


For stuffing:

Cabbage&carrot,finely chopped 2 cups
Pepper (black/white) 1 tsp
Soya sauce 1/2 tsp
Salt As needed
Olive oil 2 tsp

And Spring roll pastry sheets,ready made.

TJY spring roll pastry

And a teaspoon of maida/all purpose flour for sealing purpose.

Spring rolls


  1. Heat a pan with olive oil and add the carrots first and fry for a minute.
  2. DSC_0724
  3. Then add the cabbage and fry for one more minute in high flame.
  4. DSC_0728
  5. Add the soy sauce,salt and pepper powder and fry in medium flame for one more minute. or until the cabbage is just done. Retain its crunchiness don’t over cook to make it soggy.
  6. DSC_0733
  7. That’s all,our stuffing is ready.
  8. DSC_0734
To make the spring roll:
  1. As per the instructions given in the cover of the pastry sheets,thaw the pastry sheets(keep out for 45 mins). Cover with a wet kitchen towel to avoid drying.
  2. DSC_0741
  3. Take one sheet carefully and keep as shown in the picture.
  4. DSC_0742
  5. Keep the stuffing a little above one corner.
  6. DSC_0743
  7. Take that corner and roll in such a way to cover the stuffing until half way.Make a paste of maida with little water and use that to line the corners of the pastry sheets as shown in the picture.
  8. DSC_0745
  9. Roll till half way as shown.
  10. DSC_0747
  11. Fold the corners both the sides towards the centre shown in the picture.
  12. DSC_0748
    Spring rolls
  13. Again roll tightly to make it completely sealed.
  14. Spring rolls
    Spring rolls
    Spring rolls
  15. Repeat the process to finish the stuffing. Keep covered until cooking,to avoid drying.
  16. Spring rolls
  17. We can either deep fry or shallow fry these spring rolls. I just used 2 tsps of olive oil to fry in a shallow pan.
  18. Fry in Tawa
  19. Taste wise no compromise,so you can try this way. Fry carefully in medium flame with constant turning over to ensure even cooking and avoid burning!




   I am very bad in eating vegetablesGhost. Applies to healthy juices too. When I saw this eye appealing and attractive title ‘Carrot juice – The natural FantaMartini glass’ in Sharmis blog, I decided to give it a try for myself and my kid. Today I tried it and it tasted awesome. I made without lemon for my kid as he is allergic to citrus and made with lemon for me. It was so refreshing and I am so happy that I consumed carrot,a veggie I hate the most.

Carrot Juice

Recipe Source : Sharmis Passions.

Carrots 2 nos.
Ginger a small piece
Lemon juice from half of a lemon
Sugar or honey 2 tsp
Salt A pinch
Water As needed

Carrot Juice


  1. Chop the carrots after cleaning them and the ginger as well.
  2. DSC_0775
  3. Grind them in the juicer jar with enough water.
  4. DSC_0777
  5. Strain it using a double strainer or a tea strainer(cloth).Squeeze the lemon and add sugar,mix well.
  6. DSC_0780
  7. Enjoy as such or chilled.

Carrot Juice

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