Both my mom and my mom-in-law makes this,my mom makes this for vendhaya dosai which I feel is a perfect combo,still it tastes great with idly and dosai ! My mom in law makes this as chutney,adding water and making its consistency different.  So its our choice to make it as chutney or a dry podi. I have given the podi,we grind without adding water. Its quite flavorful one,I make it rarely and only in weekends as my hubby don't prefer to smell like garlic in office .



Red chillies(long variety) 9 nos.
Garlic one whole
coconut 2-4 tblsp
Salt As needed(I added 1,1/4 tsp)
Oil For frying,1/2 tsp

With dosa 


  1. Roast redchillies till deep red and cool down,peel the garlic pods.
  2. Grind first salt,coconut and red chillies to coarse powder.
  3. Then add the garlic and use Juice/inch/pulse option in your mixer to just crush the garlic and blend well with the chilli.
  4. Serve with Idly or dosa with generous sesame oil.


Can keep in air tight container and store it for 2-3 days in refrigerator!

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