My Kitchen disaster!

Almost everybody would have surely came accross a disaster in kitchen in their life...Me too have several disasters...But when Kribha tagged me for MY KITCHEN DISASTER...started by Lakshmi, I thought I will share you all with a strange one...I think nobody b4 would have gone through this...

It all became a disaster coz of two things...One is my laziness and the other is my forgetfulness!!

Its a usual thing for me that, every 4 days once or like that, I will make curd and use it for 4-5 days keeping it in fridge.Just like that one day I was so lazy and tired, that I didn't wanted to wash the vessel after boiling  the what I did, I directly put the CHOMBU with milk (The vessel which I usually pour milk after boiling),on the smallest burner I am having and simmered as much as possible.

Then I went to browse for sometime ...I thought ,after some time I can switch off the stove...As usual, after starting browsing, I forgot the milk kept...So what happened?

There was a thick milk cream layer(Paal aadai we call in tamil) formed at the top of the milk , which prevented even overflowing...and as time went ...BLAST!!

There was a pressure developed inside that layer with steam,as i didn't stirred at all and because of the narrow neck..  and the milk splattered all over the walls,ceiling and every where around the stove..

For a moment when I heard the blast sound, I had no idea and then slowly I recognized the reason!!
After that I always give a special attention for boiling milk..coz its very dangerous indeed if we forget milk in it may even put off your gas stove,which may be even more dangerous..!!

Now a days I always use a broad vessel for boiling milk,with  several stirring in between or boil in a jar in microwave oven;D

Here is the picture of the vessel (Chombu)I used that day, for boiling milk :D


I am tagging Rajitha of Hunger pangs and Seena of Simple and delicious for this Kitchen disaster!!

Another MEME

Blogging have bought me so many friends around here...I have been tagged for this Meme  by Kelly mahoney of Kelly the culinarian ,a journalism student who have started a food blog to try a hand in cooking also...

Here are some 5 Q's which you can know a better me:D

1 How long have you been blogging?

My blog is hardly 2 and a half months old!!!

2 What inspired you to start a blog and who are your mentors?

As I had a very little cooking experience before marriage and after marriage,when it came a situation that I have to start regular cooking for my own family ...My hubby , my kid and for my self, and being abroad..I can't call my mother or my Mother In Law or anybody for each  and every Internet was my only thing I had in my hands,than any cookbooks...

So first I was googling for the recipes and running my life for a year and slowly I came to know about food blogs...

I find food blogs having somany advantages like-- step by step presentation...;some people are reviewing the recipes and not only reviewing/commenting..;also trying and giving feed back to the recipes posted..

So,I fell for food blogs !!

           I know Prema's cookbook and Kajal dreams before I started blog of my own...!I found on premas cookbook for most of the recipes that i searched for ...and Kajal dreams..!!!Wow!I loved her step by step neat presentation with photos...  as far as food and recipes are concerned.!!

So , one fine day , I too got an idea of starting my own food that I can record my cooking in kitchen and share my version of recipes with all of everybody have their own way of cooking.!!

3 Are you trying to make money online or are you doing it for fun?

Not at all at any point..only for fun!

4 What three things do you love about being online?

1)I like my own recipes and dishes,photographed and seen in my own foodblog...and getting comments over them is simply make me feel like flying!!!I just love it a lot!!

2)I love to know a wide variety of food from other blogger friends..who are from different regions and have their regional authentic food recipes!!

3)The photography talents of many of our fellow bloggers..Just keep wondering ,admiring and love to see it a lot!!

5 What three things do you struggle with online?

1)Well, it makes me a bit lazy..that is, I am simply sitting with my laptop, the time when I am free after my house works...;(

2)I am really a bad writer..or bad in English ..which i am struggling to it would help me to convey more and understand more...

3)Tracking cookies!!!This may sound strange, but its true that as i am blog hopping/browsing, Always I am getting a tracking cookie ...when i scan my computer..I don't know from where I get...but its really bad..:(

Well that's all from me...and now I would like to know more about :

1)Jai/Bee               - Jugalbandhi

2)Asha                  - Foodie's Hope

3)Latha Narasimhan - The yum blog

4)Kajal                   - Kajal dreams

5)Nags                   - For the cook in me

If only they like to compulsion at all!!whenever they find time...:))




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