I have had this cocktail two,three times and I just love this.The original recipe has white rum in it. Of course this is my Virgin version and we have the same(virgin pinacolada) in restaurants too Tongue. This cocktail has an awesome taste with the combination of pineapple and coconut flavor. And I know I have not done justice to the picture,I should have presented in a goblet rather than this ordinary glass…Hope you all will bear with me.


Ingredients: (Given here for 1 serving)

Pineapple juice,fresh 3 parts  (1/2 cup)
Coconut cream /thick coconut milk 1 part( approx.  2  & 1/2  or 3  tblsp)
Crushed ice As needed
Soda water(Optional) 1 part (1/4 cup)
Sugar 4 – 6 tsp (as needed)


  1. Blend everything in a mixer using Juice/inch/pulse option,till all gets mixed well.
  2. Serve immediately cold in chilled glass/goblet…


             I used ready made coconut milk powder available in stores,you can use coconut cream available in stores too,also can add fresh coconut milk.

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