We get this in anandha bavan restaurant here in singapore with this name...:)) Also we get it in hot chips restaurant, tastes great!


Baby corn -- 10 nos.

Gram flour/besan flour – 1/4 cup

Rice flour    -- 1/4 cup(or can even reduce a bit)

Asafetida     -- 3 pinches

Chili powder   -- 1/2 tsp

sodium bi carb /cooking soda  --1 generous pinch

Jeera seeds --1/2 tsp

salt  --as needed

Lemon juice – 1/2 tsp

Oil for deep frying


  • Mix all the above ingredients with required water,(except baby corn and oil),to a Idly/dosa batter consistency.Keep aside.
  • Cut Baby corns into four in length wise Heat oil in a deep frying pan and wen oil is hot enough,dip the baby corn slices in the batter and put it in oil for deep frying...
  • Fry till golden colour and enjoy hot with Chili or tomato sauce.!!

This is the first time I am tagged by a blogger friend for MEME...Thanx for tagging me Remya...and giving an opportunity to share all these with you people...!!

(theONLY)4 places I have lived
  • Salem(Tamil Nadu,India)  - With my parents in my own home,where I did my schooling....
  • Trichy(Tamil Nadu,India)  -  Where I did my Higher studies after schooling....(DECE)
  • Chennai(Tamil Nadu,India) -  After marriage,for a year with my loving hubby and In-laws..:)
  • Now in Singapore!!
4 jobs(?) I had and having..
  • As a troublesome daughter for my parents,and a nightmare for my (elder) brother;D,always kept fighting with him...poor brother and silly me...:D(But he is always nice & lovely to me still now...)...and as A student ofcourse...Always (DAY)dreaming to get to a higher standard in learning!!
  • As a (IR)responsible?  daughter(-in-law) my own Uncle's sweet Family and Sister(in-law) to my (clever) Brother in laws;D..
  • As a cute and lovely (?) wife to my ever caring and loving Husband(love devil...shhh..dont tell him)...since 2003...
  • As an amma to my 3 1/2 year old boy (kutty devil)...;D
4 places I have holidayed
  • Agra -Taj mahal...a must see b4 die place...according to me ....and Kulu,Manali...a beautiful hill station covered with white snow...(when u visit in season)
  • Hongkong.....Wow with Disneyland,a great and lovely night scene  ..its really an treat for childrens and for us too..!!
  • Bintan islands - Indonesia Again a nice place to relax or for water sports...
  • Langkawi - Malaysian Island - the place we recently holidayed....Cool place ....
4 Favourite foods
  • Whichever food thats not cooked by me....I like to eat  and enjoy if somebody cooks and gives me in hand..;D
  • My Mother's each and every dish she make...especially Adai .....(with mixed dhal and rice....) and her evening snack items...
  • Chaat items...I love them a lottt!!and all north indian cusine...:)
  • Noodles....I love them a lot to have in restaurants...
4 places I would rather be
  • I am always happy and comfortable here where i am now,with  my loving hubby and my son.!!!
  • Wherever...the place,I would like to be with my parents..(everybody will love this)
  • Switzerland.....(whats there to just dream to be there...;D,may be one day the dream comes true...)
  • Australia...!
4 persons I like to tag

If they are interested....;)

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