Wheat Flour Halwa & Gifted Cookbooks

Special days never been celebrated without some sweets, i fond always for Karaikal halwa, whenever my dad goes there, he never return back without some wheat halwas, i know making out wheat halwa from the scratch needs loads of patience and a long process, finally i went for an alternative way of making wheat halwa and i choosed atta flour for making out my favourite wheat halwa, it took very less time when compared from the traditional way of making out halwa, i loved this delicious halwa and the whole cooking process take less than an hour and tastewise we guys loved it and enjoyed each and every bite of this halwa...Am very proud to share my new cookbooks which entered to my bookshelf from today onwards..Most of u would have know that am a mega winner of Radhika's Food For Stages Of Life and also she gave me an opportunity to choose the book i wanted to recieve, i went through Amazon.com and i choosed a baking book, for my surprise Radhika send me a beautiful cookbook calling Punjabi Sabzis, thanks a ton Radhika, am very happy to get these two cookbooks from u dear, am very much happy and honoured.

Wheat flour halwa

1cup Atta flour
1/2cup Sugar
2cups Milk
1/4cup Ghee
1/4cup Almond flakes
1tsp Cardamom powder
Orange food colour

Sieve the atta flour, in a heavy bottomed pan, dry roast the atta flour until the aroma comes out, meanwhile heat the milk, sugar and orange food colour,bring everything to boil until the sugar get dissolved, add gradually the hot milk to the roasted wheat flour,stir continously until the wheat flour get cooked, now add the ghee little by little along with cardamom powder, almond flakes..finish the ghee until the wheat flour halwa get off from the bottom of the pan, pour this halwa in a greased plate..let them cool and slice them as u desire..


Am a proud owner of these beautiful cookbooks, thanks again to Radhika for this beautiful books..

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