Shahi Tukda

       I tasted Shahi Tukra aka Shahi tukda in ‘Ganges’ restaurant 4 years back! After that never again. I had a recipe in my hand written cook book(written and given by my mom Happy). So few weeks back I had a craving for some sweet and thought of trying this Shahi tukda recipe. I don’t know the difference between this shahi tukra and Double ka meetha,hope both are only same recipes with different names.

     Deep frying in ghee gives the original royal taste,but if you are calorie conscious, just toast in a OTG or bread toaster till golden brown. The bread slices should be crisp evenly,which is very important. Otherwise the dessert will turn soggy and you have to name it pudding!!Laughing


Bread 4 pieces
Milk 1/2 litre
Sugar 1/3 cup
Ghee / oil For deep frying
Chopped nuts 2 tblsp
Corn flour 1 tsp
Saffron A pinch
Rose essence 2-3 drops


Shahi tukda-1


  1. Boil milk and add saffron soaked in 3 tblsp of warm milk and the corn flour mixed in 2-3 tblsp of milk to it and simmer the milk until its reduces to a thick but poring consistency. This is called Rabri. Add rose essence at last.If you want you can add the chopped nuts in this stage.
    DSC_0038[3] DSC_0044[3]  
  2. Remove the brown sides of the bread and cut diagonally. I cut one piece into four,though cut into two will do.
  3. Fry the bread pieces till golden brown and crisp evenly. Use a shallow and small pan so that un need not use more ghee/oil.
  4. Deep frying in low or medium low flame is necessary to get crisp and golden brown colour, other wise will end up in uneven cooking.
    Shahi tukra/Shahi tukda/Double Ka meetha recipe
  5. Prepare a thick sugar syrup by boiling the sugar with little water just to immerse the sugar.
  6. Soak the bread pieces as you fry them,just for a minute or until you take the next batch.
  7. Arrange the soaked pieces in a plate.
  8. Fry the chopped nuts in ghee and add it over the bread pieces(if you have not done that in the first step).
  9. Pour the rabri over the arranged bread. Serve chilled or warm,as per your wish, I like it chilled!! But make sure you give some time for the bread to absorb the rabri.

Shahi tukda1


  • I used low fat milk,since I ran out of full cream milk stock…hehe,not calorie conscious,I swear…
  • You can reduce a litre of milk to half and make rabri rich too instead using corn flour.
  • You can add sugar in rabri if you want.Just a table spoon or two will do.
  • If you use oil for deep frying,oil smell will be there in the dessert,so I if you are afraid of so much ghee,you can try toasting method as its far way better than the oil smell. Just fry the nuts in ghee and add,that will give you the ghee smell.

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