Barley Orangeade

Barley water is a drink made from cooked barley grain or it can be made with barley flour. If made with grain barley, water is added and boiled then slowly simmered until the grain is very soft then finished in a number of ways. There are recipes that call for the water to be strained after reducing the liquid, after letting the mixture stand for several hours to allow the barley to really soften or strain as soon as the liquid is cooled. Recipes that call for barley flour call for a quick boil or simmer then straining..Lemon, lime and orange are all popular flavorings to add to the cooked barley water. If using a citrus juice, fresh squeezed lemon, lime or orange juice is added after straining and then sweetened. If using citrus zest, the citrus rind white pith removed is added to the mixture as it is being simmered. Spices such as cinnamon or ginger can also be used to flavor barley water. Sugar,maple syrup or honey are generally used as sweeteners.

These sort of flavoured barley water can be served and enjoyed anytime of the year and its most often prepared and drunk during the summer as a refreshing chilled drink, i prepared this simple and healthy barley drink with orange rinds and orange juice and we enjoyed having them, definitely a refreshing drink to enjoy without any guilt.

Barley Orangeade

1/2cup Pearl barley
6cups Water
1tbsp Orange rinds
1no Orange (sliced)
1cup Fresh orange juice
Maple syrup or sugar as per need

Take pearl barley and water in a large sauce pan, bring to the full boil and then reduce the flame to simmer..add the orange rinds to the cooking barley, cover the pan and cook for 45minutes or either u can use a pressure cooker and cook the barley for 3hisses along with water and orange rinds..put off the stove, strain the add the sugar or maple syrup as per ur need and add the sliced orange pieces, cool down the water, finally add the fresh orange juice and serve chilled or with ice cubes...

This barley orangeade can be conserved for three to four days in refrigerator, stir well before serving..

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