Bill’s Garlic Parmesan Turkey Deluxe Sandwich

I want to tell you about something I recently discovered, the new line launched at Meijer Stores ~ Meijer Gold.  With nearly 100 products at budget-friendly prices, Meijer Gold has something to offer everyone, and yes, that even includes those with “finicky” appetites! 

What makes Meijer Gold unique is its collection of original recipe ingredients that are either made by a local company within the Meijer structure or by a family-owned business.  The line also features interesting foods indigenous to a specific area.  All the products have a story behind them; such as the Meijer Gold mustard that is prepared from an age-old German recipe by a long-time Midwest company.  And I love one product in particular, which I will tell you about shortly. 

Bill is one of the best when it comes to making great sandwiches!  He can make a fierce grilled cheese sandwich but, yesterday he made an outstanding turkey sandwich!  He piled layers of fresh sliced turkey, Swiss cheese, tomato, red onion, and lettuce on a great crusty French bread; but, the star of the sandwich was the Meijer Gold Garlic Parmesan Spread!  Spectacular!  It has an amazing tangy taste that complemented the sandwich perfectly. 

I read on the label that the Gold Garlic Parmesan Spread was created by a chef with a renowned, family-owned Texas company.  It combines Parmesan cheese, garlic powder and select spices to deliver an amazingly seasoned ingredient to sandwiches, cold salads or dips.  It goes above and beyond the call of duty, delivering with taste and style!  You have to give it a try!

I wish there was a way to give you all a sample of Bill’s tasty turkey sandwich through this computer but, since I can’t, I will give you the recipe and you can run out to your local Meijer Store to purchase the makings.  Just don’t forget the Meijer Gold Garlic Parmesan Spread!  You will love it, I guarantee!

Bill’s Garlic Parmesan Turkey Deluxe Sandwich


Rustic Italian bread
Roasted deli turkey breast, sliced thin
Swiss cheese
Red onion
Meijer Gold Garlic Parmesan Spread

Spread both slices of bread generously with Meijer Gold Garlic Parmesan Spread.
Layer all of the ingredients on bread, making a sandwich.

Bill’s note:  My policy is that if you’re going to make a sandwich, take the extra effort and make a deluxe sandwich!

Pam’s note:  That is one big sandwich, we shared it!

The best!  Absolutely delicious!!!

UPDATE:   The Garlic Parmesan Spread was provided by Meijer Stores as part of a small gift basket to see how I would utilize it.  Thank you, Meijer Stores!

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